Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Someone throw me a line!

Wow I thought I hit rock bottom when I had to move back in with my mom in October.  Boy was I wrong.  

I left my parents house when I was 17 years old and came back only for a 4 month 'visit' when I had  my first son.  We only stayed here while the condo we we're going to rent was being repaired and painted.  I am shocked at how dysfunctional a family I came from.   My mom and oldest sister have a  venomously symbiotic relationship.  They are both control freaks each one thinking she's in control of the other but terrified of losing the other at the same time.  They are also hoarders.  Which makes it very difficult for my kids and I .  We are allowed two rooms, but their stuff is still packing the rooms to the brim.  We live out of storage bins and laundry baskets.  Which isn't an issue really since it's temporary.

I can't understand my sister. she is constantly threatening to call the sheriff to have me physically removed for not submitting to her every psychotic whim.  To the point where I told her to stop threatening me and call.  She did, they came told her she could be fined for calling them out for frivolously idiotic things as throwing us out, since it's not her house in the first place, and we have the owner's (my mother) permission to stay here.

I feel really bad for my oldest son.  He's trying to go to college and looking for work and has to come home to having his room being 'tossed' like some prison and the warden has it in for him.  She keeps telling us we have no rights here because it's 'her house'.   She says she can do anything she wants in 'her house'.  I am grateful my mother finally set the record straight and reminded my sister that she doesn't pay rent or contribute to the bills or groceries.  

I have to get myself and my kids outta here...  Okay, that's it.  Pity Party over...  Thanks for playing.